Best Medicine For Psoriasis Treatment

Best Medicine For Psoriasis Treatment

Best Medicine For Psoriasis Treatment

Sisairosp is the Best Medicine For Psoriasis Treatment.

Sisairosp Oil Ko medicinal plants ke extract se bnaya Jata Hai.

Oil Psoriasis ka treatment krta hai.

Aur isme anti-inflammatory, anti-infective and healing properties bhi hoti hai.

Aur scaling ko reduce krta hai aur sath hi sath Itching ko Bhi reduce Krta hai.

Best Medicine For Psoriasis Treatment


In fact, Sisairosp Oil herbal product ko WHO Ki guideline ke according bnaya gya hai.

Aur is product ko TBGRI ki technical knowledge ke according hi manufacturing hui hai.

Benefits of Sisairosp Oil-

  • Ayurvedic Medicine.
  • In fact, it is clinically tried and tested.
  • Safe and it has no side effects.
  • Sisairosp Oil neonates, infants & children ke Liye Bhi suitable hai.
  • In fact, it is also designed as per WHO guidelines.
  • Normalizes epidermal turnover.
  • In fact, it reduces scaling, eliminates itching.
  • Prevents and treats infections.

Direction for use-

However, Morning mein Sisairosp oil ko slowly affected parts pr Lgana hai.

Aur Phir 10 se 15 minutes tk sunlight ke contact mein rehna hai.

Aur Phir Hot water se wash kr le.

In fact, this Product is safe even for infants and children.

Best Medicine For Psoriasis Treatment


Duration of treatment-  

Sisairosp oil ko continuously six weeks tk use kre.

Moreover, Agr necessary ho Toh Phir se six weeks ke liye Oil ko use kre.

Treatment ke 2 se 4 weeks ke duration mein.

Apko problem increase ho toh oil ka use band Nahi Karna Hai.

Psoriasis disease Phir se Nahi ho iske liye Oil ko once in a week use Karen.

However, psoriasis disease ko effective diet ke through bhi control kr skte hain.

Best Herbal Oil For Psoriasis

Psoriasis ka most common type psoriasis vulgaris hai jo ki 80 to 90% people ko hota hai.

And it is unknown ki ye develop kaisi hoti hai.

Psoriasis ki condition mein psoriatic arthritis, coronary artery disease bhi ho skti hai.

Psoriasis ek complex disease hai.

Ye disease ke patches mein abnormally activated immune cells hote hain.

Immune system ki cells activity ko suppress krke iska treatment kiya ja skta hai.

And some research shows that certain genes ki wajah se bhi psoriasis develop ho skta hai.

Generally Psoriasis 16 to 22 and 57 to 60 age mein hota hai.

Men and women mein psoriasis equally rate se hota hai.

However, races and populations mein ye rates vary krte hain.

If you have a family history of psoriasis then iske develop hone ke chances increase ho jate hain.

Best Medicine For Psoriasis Treatment

Risk Factors-

Genetic and environmental factors ke combination ki wajah se psoriasis ho skta hai.

Isme stress, infections and certain drugs include ho skte hain.

Psoriasis se affected 30% people mein se koi family memeber affected hota hi hai.

Wo children jinke parents ko psoriasis hai unhe psoriasis hone ka 83 percent chances hota hai.

Psoriasis ke progress ya disease ki severity ko janne ke liye bahut little information hai.

Psoriasis disease long time tk rehti hai even up to 50 Years.

If severe psoriasis untreated rehta hai then ye life-threatening ho skta hai.

Psoriasis several forms le skta hai.

Aur Each type ke symptoms and severity different hoti hai.

Several types of psoriasis are-

  • Psoriasis vulgaris.
  • flexural/inverse psoriasis.
  • Guttate psoriasis.
  • Erythrodermic psoriasis.
  • Generalised pustular psoriasis.
  • Palmoplantar psoriasis.
  • Scalp psoriasis.
  • Nail psoriasis.

Best Medicine For Psoriasis Treatment

Doctor ke examintaion se ye determine hota hai ki psoriasis ke severity kya hai.

When body ka area less then 10% affected hota hai use mild psoriasis kehte hain.

More then 10% body ka area affected hota hai then use Moderate Psoriasis kehte hain.

Severe conditon mein body ka more then 20% area affect hota hai.

Psoriasis vulgaris-

Psoriasis vulgaris, or plaque psoriasis most common type hai.

In fact, Psoriasis se affected 90% people ko ye hota hai.

Psoriasis vulgaris mein raised red plaques ho jate hain.

Isme lesions ke size small to large ho skti hai.

Ye disease scalp, elbows, knees pr ho skti hai.

Aur generally ye whole body pr bhi ho skti hai.

Plaque Psoriasis mein bahut itching hoti hai.

Disease ki appearence different patients mein vary ho skti hai.

Aur even clinical findings bhi every patient mein different ho skti hai.

Best Oil for Treatment.


Agr apko rash ho jata hai aur medication se ye cure nahi ho rha hai.

Then apko doctor se consult krna chahiye.

Doctor check krega ki rashes medicines pr kaisa respond kr rha hai and then diagnosis krega.

Plaque psoriasis most commonly knees and elbows, scalp, and palms pr appear hota hai.

Biopsy krne ke baad psoriasis ke karan skin thicker and inflamed show hoti hai.


Following treatments ko Aap alone or combination mein bhi use kr skte hain.

Topical Treatments-

Psoriasis ke treatment ke liye Topical Treatments usually first choice hai.

However, due to this treatment skin cell ki growth slow ho jati hai.

And inflammation bhi reduce ho jata hai.


In this treatment ultraviolet light regular basis pr skin pr expose ki jati hai.

In fact, Ye Treatment costly bhi hoti hai.

Best Medicine For Psoriasis Treatment

Systemic medications-

Systemic medications prescribed drugs hai jo entire body pr work krte hain.

Ye treatment psoriatic arthritis and moderate to severe psoriasis mein use hota hai.

When Psoriasis pr every treatment unresponsive hota hai then ye treatment use hota hai.

Systemic medications ko orally ya injection ke through use kiya jata hai.

Flexural/inverse psoriasis-

Inverse Psoriasis bahut hi painful and difficult type ka psoriais hai.

Ye disease commonly armpits, genitals and under the breasts hoti hai.

Skin folds ko flexures bola jata hai that’s why ise flexural psoriasis bola jata hai.

Psoriasis ka ye type opposite hota other forms ke comparison mein.

Psoriasis ek genetic conditon hai jo family mein each generation mein hoti hai.

Inverse Psoriasis 2 to 6% psoriasis se affected people mein hota hai.

Jo person overweight ya jinke deep skin folds hote hai unhe ye conditon affect krti hai.

People jo seniors hote hain unko inverse psoriasis hone ke chances more hote hain.

Inverse Psoriasis younger persons ko jyada effect nahi krta hai.

How To Cure Psoriasis Permanently.


Body folds pr skin ke upr bright red patches iske first sign hai.

Inverse Psoriasis mein Lesions shiny and smooth hote hain.

Affected areas mein moistness ki wajah se psoriasis ke other types develop nahi hote hain.

In fact, Inverse Psoriasis ek irritating type ki disease hai iski location ke karan.

Inverse Psoriasis se affected skin bahut smooth ho jati hai.

Sometimes, Inverse Psoriasis ke lesion mein crack ho jata hai.

And also due to this bleeding or infection ki possibility increase ho jati hai.

Treatment Options-

In fact, Inverse Psoriasis ka treatment difficult hota hai uski location ke karan.

Body pr Skin folds most sensitive hoti hai.

Jiske karan other treatment ki wajah se reaction ka risk increase ho jata hai.

Best Medicine For Psoriasis Treatment

That’s why doctor ko psoriasis ke sath infection ka bhi treatment krna chahiye.

Different treatment options are:-

Coal Tar

Coal tar gels or ointments mein available hai.

Jo ki lesions pr directly apply krte hain.

Ye liquid form mein bhi available hai jise aap bathing ke time use kr skte hain.

Guttate psoriasis-

Psoriasis ka second most common type Guttate Psoriasis hai.

Ye disease kisi bhi age mein ho skti hai.

But generally ye childhood or young adulthood mein start hoti hai.

Psoriasis se affected 10 percent people ko guttate psoriasis hota hai.

Guttate Psoriasis ke word ka origin latin word “Guttate” se hua hai.

New Psoriasis Treatment 2019.

Guttate word ka meaning “drop” hai.

In this condition small, red scaly patches skin pr raindrops ke form mein appear hote hain.

Plaque psoriasis mein lesions large hote hai but guttate psoriasis mein ye small hote hain.

Ye small patches arms, legs, torso, scalp, face and ears pr appear hote hain.

Guttate and plaque psoriasis sath mein bhi ho skte hain.


Guttate psoriasis ke development mein three stages hai.

  • Mild condition mein up to 3 percent skin affect hoti hai.
  • Moderate condition mein up to 10 percent skin cover hoti hai.
  • Severe condition mein full body cover ho jati hai.

Sometimes rash disappear ho jata hai but may be ye return ho skta hai.


Guttate psoriasis ke first symptoms show hone pr, doctor se consult krna important hai.

Ek dermatologist skin ki physical examination krke psoriasis ko diagnose krega.

In some cases, skin biopsy important ho jati hai diagnose krne ke liye.

Aur blood test ke throught other possible diseases ko bhi find out kiya jata hai.

In fact, Doctor apse recent infections ki details puch skte hain.

Aur doctor apko suggestions denge ki, kaise aap iske symptoms ko control kr skte hain.

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