How To Know If I Have Psoriasis

How Do You Get Psoriasis.

How To Know If I Have Psoriasis

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Kya Apko Doubt hai Ki Apko Psoriasis Hai ya Nahi?

Toh koi bhi dermatologist Apko examine Karke bta Skta Hai.

Dermatologist doctor skin ki diseases ko diagnose aur treat Karne ke specialist Hote Hain.

How To Know If I Have Psoriasis.
How To Know If I Have Psoriasis.

Psoriasis ko diagnose Karne Ke Liye, dermatologist ko usually skin ko bs examine Karna Hota Hai.

If your skin is very dark, then it will hard to diagnose psoriasis.

Psoriasis ko find out Karne Ke Liye, Dermatologist may need to remove a bit of skin.

If you have psoriasis, then dermatologist Apke treatment ke Liye specific plan Bana skte Hain.

How To Know If You Have Psoriasis On Your Scalp

Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition.

In fact, isme immune system apki body ke healthy cells ko attack Karta Hai.

Due to this red and scaly plaques ho Jate Hain.

Agr Apki body Par inflamed and scaly skin Hai then it sounds like you have psoriasis.

Sometimes Ye plaques mein itch, crack and bleeding Bhi Ho Skti Hai.

But don’t worry Psoriasis ko control Karne Ke Liye many options available Hai.

How To Know If You Have Psoriasis On Your Scalp.
How To Know If I Have Psoriasis.

Luckily, now few different options available hai psoriasis ke treatment Ke Liye.

Treatment depend Karta Hai Psoriasis ke case Par ki wo mild hai ya severe Hai.

Topicals anti-inflammatories creams se Psoriasis ke mild cases ko treat Kiya Ja Skta Hai.

Psoriasis ke severe cases mein systemic medications like pills or shots use Kiye Jate Hain.

If you have scalp psoriasis, then Apko over-the-counter shampoos suggest Krta Hai.

In fact, doctor healthy body weight maintain Krna recommend Karte Hain.

Drugs and Alcohol ko Bhi avoid Krna Hai.

And obesity ko Bhi avoid Karna Hai.

If you want to make a proper treatment of Psoriasis then use our product Sisairosp Oil.

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