Musculoskeletal system


Restores freedom of movement

Action: The Principal constituent of the oil of Gaultheria fragrantissima (Gandhpura) is methyl salicylate effective in alleviating pain in rheumatism, sciatica and neuralgia. Butea frontosa (Palasa) and Vitex negundo (nirgundi) gives analgesic and anti inflammatory effect. The time tested Maha narayana taila and Mahavishgarbha taila also gives analgesic and anti inflammatory effect. The counter irritants and soothing agents control pain. Pain is tackled effectively by conforming to the 'Gate control theory of pain' by the combined effect of the herbal extracts in sesamum indicum (gingelly) oil.

Indications: Neuralgia, sciatica, sprains and strains, shoulder pain, low back pain, joint pain, arthritis pain and all muscular pains.

Directions for use: Rub gently on the affected parts 2 to 3 times a day

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