Eco-friendly herbal remedy for Pyorrheaand oral hygeine

Action: Zingiber officianale (Sonth) is anti infective and local anaesthetic. Cyperus rotundus (Nagarmotha) is an astringent and analgesic. Saussurea lappa (Bhagori Katha) is an anti septic and treats ulceration and wounds. Chhoti harra controls inflammation and infection. Calcium carbonate (Khadiya mitti) an abrasive removes debris from teeth and gums. Glycyrrhizia glarba (Mulethi) gives pleasant flavour. Pudina phool controls halitosis (bad breath) and relieves pain and inflammation.

Indications: Pyorrhea, red, swollen, bleeding and oozing gums and halitosis (bad breath)

Direction for use: Brush teeth with wet tooth-brush or finger in the morning and at bed time. Massage the gums with PYO-CARE. Rinse the teeth and mouth after using PYO-CARE.

Duration of treatment: Use minimum for 3 months for best results. Can be used regularly for maintaining oral hygiene

Presentation: Pyocare powder in 45 g PP jar

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