How Do You Get Psoriasis

What Is The Main Cause Of Psoriasis.

How Do You Get Psoriasis

Sisairosp Oil is the best herbal product for the treatment of Psoriasis.

The exact cause for this disease remains unknown.

Elements ke combination, jisme genetic reason, and environmental factors bhi involved hai.

Immune system mein Defect aur inflammation major role play krte Hain.

After so many researches Psoriasis ka main reason kya hai ye Abhi Bhi mystery Hain.

Yeh disease Kisi ko Bhi Kisi person ke through Nahi ho skti hai.

It means it is not contagious.

Aur skin to skin contact se ye diseases spread Nahi Hoti Hai.

Aur Agar AAP daily Bhi Kisi patient ko touch krte hai toh bhi ye diseases spread Nahi Hoti Hai.

Yeh disease hone ka Ek main reason Hereditary Bhi Hai.

Therefore, patient ke diagnosis ke Liye family history Bhi helpful Hoti Hai.

How Do You Get Psoriasis

Psoriasis ke most patients overweight Hote Hain Aur ye patients ko cardiovascular disease and diabetes hone ki probability hoti hai.

That’s, why Doctors aise patients, ko strongly suggest Karte hai ki wo normal body weight maintain kare.

Because that patients whose body weight is normal wo treatment ko effectively respond Karte Hain.

In this disease Olive oil and fish oil diet mein include krna beneficial Hota Hai.

Generally, Two things are responsible for this disease: Immune system and Genetic.

Immune system-

It is an autoimmune condition.

Autoimmune Ek Aisi condition hai when body attacking itself.

In the case of this disease, white blood cells known as T cells mistakenly skin cells ko attack Karte Hain.

In a normal body white blood cells, harmful bacteria ko destroy krte Hain aur infections se fight Karte Hain.

But white blood cells(T cells) ke mistaken attack ke Karan skin cells ka production fast ho jata hai.

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