Is Psoriasis A Chronic Condition

Is Psoriasis A Chronic Condition treatment.

Is Psoriasis A Chronic Condition

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Agar Apko Doubt Hai, Is Psoriasis A chronic Condition then the Answer is “Yes”.

Psoriasis Ek chronic disease hai Jisme skin cells ki life cycle speed up ho Jati hai.

Psoriasis ki wajah se skin ki surface par skin cell rapidly buildup Hote Hai.

That extra skin cell scales aur red patches create Ho Jate Hain Jo ki itchy aur sometimes Painful bhi Hote Hain.

Is Psoriasis A Chronic Condition.
Is Psoriasis A Chronic Condition.

Psoriasis is a chronic disease Hai jo oftenly sometimes comes and goes.

Treatment ka main goal skin cells ke quick growth ko stop Krna Hai.

In fact, psoriasis Hone ka main reason Abhi Bhi Unknown Hai.

There is no cure for psoriasis, but you can manage and control the symptoms.

Chronic Psoriasis Symptoms And Treatment


Psoriasis Ke signs and symptoms are different for everyone.

Common signs and symptoms are:

  • Red patches of skin covered with thick, silvery scales.
  • Small scaling spots jo commonly children mein show Hote Hain.
  • Psoriasis mein skin Dry and cracked Ho Jati Hai and that may bleed.
  • In fact, Psoriasis disease ki wajah se skin mein Itching, burning or soreness Hoti Hai.
  • Psoriasis mein nails Thickened, pitted or ridged ho Jate Hain.
  • Yeh disease mein Swollen and stiff joint ho Jate Hain. A Chronic Condition. 


Physical exam and medical history-

Psoriasis ko diagnose karne Ke Liye doctor Apki medical history check karta hai.

Chronic Psoriasis Symptoms And Treatment.
Is Psoriasis A Chronic Condition.

And skin, scalp aur nails bhi check Karta hai.

Skin biopsy-

However, rare case mein doctor Apke skin ke small sample Leta hai.

Firstly Doctor Apko Local Anesthetic apply Karega.

Then wo sample microscope ke through examine Hoga.

Ye find out Karne ke Liye ki Apko exactly Kaun se type ka Psoriasis Hai.


In fact, psoriasis ke treatment mein skin ke scales ko clear karte Hain aur inflammation ko reduce karte Hain.

Psoriasis ke Treatments three main types mein divided Hain.

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